Unhealthy Beauty

Oct 31, 2023

Ever paused to consider what's lurking behind the glossy front of hairstyling? Yep, while we're busy dolling up others, sometimes our own health gets lost in the shuffle. And as the hair industry skyrockets, we need to talk about hairdressers and health insurance.

So here's the hair-raising scoop: our industry is totally on fire, boasting a market value of over $215.65 billion and growing at 8%. 🚀 But guess what? Many of the brilliant minds behind those lovely locks often don't have essential health coverage. Whether they're freelancing, part-timing, or living on commissions, many hair pros find the golden ticket of employer-backed health insurance just out of reach.

Now, going without insurance? It's more than just a financial pinch. Beyond the scary bills, hairdressers face genuine health hazards daily. Think about it: repetitive motions, exposure to sneaky chemicals, and the mental marathon of pleasing picky clients. No affordable insurance means these challenges can turn into real health nightmares.

And here's another twist: this health insurance hiccup isn't just bad for individual stylists. It's casting a shadow over the whole industry. Potential stars might think twice before diving in, and seasoned pros could head for the exit.

But, drum roll... there's hope on the horizon! The team at Destroy the Hairdresser is partnering with CTX to conjure up just-for-hairdressers health insurance. It's all about letting us dive into our artistry without worrying about healthcare costs. Imagine an industry where hairdressers don't just survive but thrive!

The bottom line? Affordable health insurance isn't just a hair industry issue—it's everyone's issue. Let's tackle it together and craft a shimmering, healthy future for all.

Blog by Christen Barrs, the genius behind Good Hair Collective. When she's not shaping the future of hair, she's coaching for Destroy the Hairdresser. Passionate about uplifting the salon game? Christen's your gal!

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