Christen Barrs


Coach / Salon Owner 

Christen Barrs (@ChristenBarrs) is an experienced hair extension specialist and coach since 2005. As the owner of Good Hair Collective and a coach for Destroy the Hairdresser, she helps students build thriving businesses aligned with their lifestyles. With a background in Human Development and Consumer Studies, she offers unique strategies to expand clientele and succeed in the salon industry. Ready to support ambitious individuals, Christen turns dreams into reality.

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Jamie Pedersen
Stella Hair Studio
"Before I started coaching I was working 40 hours a week and was so burned out I was ready to quit. I was so resentful of every client even though I was the one emotionally discounting them (of which they didn’t even know they were getting a discount). My friend came in for a haircut and told me that she had just started coaching with DTH. I immediately made a discovery call and signed up right away [with Christen]. Within days I switched to hourly pricing and now work 25 hour a week. In all of my 24 years of doing hair this last year has been the first time I have ever felt in control of my career and my future. I now charge $150 an hour and feel like my potential is endless!"

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