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At DTH, every staff member and student is bound by three foundational principles. These principles inspire and drive us towards extraordinary achievements, shaping a culture of excellence, growth, and innovation. These foundational principles serve as the pillars of our institution, inspiring and driving us toward extraordinary achievements.

The Reactive System

Discovering our reactive system is the only way for us to uncover our proactive system.

Emotional Intelligence

Increasing our EQ fosters an environment of authentic communication.

The Vessel

Understanding our current capacity is how we learn to expand our capacity.

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Our coaches, all former students, possess an intimate understanding of our methods, embrace our philosophies and principles, and have been carefully selected by the founders of DTH. Each coach brings their unique expertise and perspective, so take your time getting to know them.

Cyd Charisse

Co-Founder, COO & Coach

Work with Cyd

David Bosscher

Co-Founder, CEO & Coach

Work with David

Christen Barrs

Salon Owner & Coach

Work with Christen

Christy Stewart

Salon Owner & Coach

Work with Christy

Ethan Flores

Micro-Salon Owner & Coach

Work with Ethan

Joy LaMay

Salon Owner & Coach

Work with Joy

Kate Kent

Salon Owner & Coach

Work with Kate

Jennessa Couture

Salon Owner & Coach

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We have found that these three approaches to business are vital in transforming a salon. These philosophies direct our company internally and externally, reaching every employee and student.

Embrace Boldness & Proactive Risk-taking

We value and encourage a culture of boldness, where calculated risks are seen as opportunities for growth and innovation. We empower our team and students to challenge conventional thinking and explore new ideas.

Cultivate Emotional Intelligence & Critical Thinking

We embrace the power of emotional intelligence and critical thinking. We prioritize self-awareness, understanding, and critical thinking to empower individuals to make informed decisions and solve problems thoughtfully.

Employ Personal Responsibility & Autonomy

We foster a culture of personal responsibility, where each individual takes ownership of their actions, decisions, and outcomes. We believe personal responsibility is the key to personal and professional fulfillment.

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Over the past decade, we've curated eleven impactful methods that elevate income, streamline businesses, reduce costs, foster confidence, and drive remarkable outcomes. These refined tools have empowered our students to thrive and achieve sustainable success time and time again.

Hourly Pricing

Experience financial freedom and autonomy with our Hourly Pricing Method. Unlock the path to success as salons efficiently earn for their time & talent. No more confusing consultations or pricing miscommunications!


Discover empowerment with our Gratuity-Free method. Embrace a fair and transparent model where artists are paid in full for their work. Remove the performance factor and let our talent be fairly compensated.


Embrace seamless experiences and enhanced efficiency with our deskless method. Step into a new era of streamlined salon operations. Save thousands of dollars a year through this method!

Genderless Pricing

Embrace inclusive practices and empowerment through our Genderless Pricing method. Step into a new era of equality and freedom, where fairness and individuality take precedence.

Station Sharing

Embrace collaboration and flexibility with our Station Sharing method. Step into a creative and dynamic salon environment where every chair is earning its fullest potential.

Unlimited Time Off

Unlock a new dimension of freedom and well-being with our unlimited time off method. Create a salon culture that focuses on protecting the mental and physical health of hairdressers.

Limitless Pricing

Experience unbounded potential and prosperity with our limitless pricing method. Empower hairdressers to set their own hourly rate, elevating their worth and encouraging a culture of personal responsibility.

Charity Focus

Embark on a journey of abundance and prosperity with our charity-focused method. Discover sustainable ways to give back to your community that will grow your influence. As your success flourishes, extend your charitable reach.

Open-Door Policy

Embrace the freedom of our open-door policy method. The opposite of a non-compete, empower hairdressers to work anywhere and everywhere, unlocking endless possibilities and flexibility in their professional journey.


Discover the transformation of our retail-free salon Method. Empower stylists to embrace affiliate links, unlocking a new realm of income opportunities and flexibility in the salon industry.

Going Cashless

By embracing a cashless system, salons can enjoy efficiency, heightened security, virtually zero errors, streamlined transactions, elevated customer experience, and seamless integration with the digital economy.