The WFH Hairstylst: Creating connection for a more successful future

May 06, 2020

For the last few weeks, we have had to step out of our salons and face the question:

How does a hairdresser work from home? 

We have had to transition our business from being physically behind the chair to  now managing a clientele via a wide variety of digital platforms.  

Over the last few years social media, mainly Instagram, has been a key component to the success of hairdressers. Almost 10 years ago, hairdressers stepped up and decided that they would start taking pictures of their clients and post them on these new social platforms. In the beginning, it was cool, and cute, but there was no specific goal by posting. Most of us, when we scroll back that far on our feeds, we see mostly over filtered, over processed selfies, pics of food, and a few hair pics scattered around. Only over the past 3-5 years, has Instagram became one of the most valuable business building tool any hairdresser can use. Today, it is more important than ever!

Fast forward to 2020, hairdressers have realized that social media can be used to create a community across the globe. For the BTC hairdresser, the most valuable market is that in their home town. This is the market they can reach by utilizing connection with the clients they already have. Since we are not able to be in the salon right now, I think this connection to our clientele and community, via social media, is more important than ever. One of the silver-linings of this time is that it allows us to focus on building stronger relationships with our clients, put our heart into our business, and show them value with the absence of money.

So now I pose the question:

What value and support do we offer our clients and community when we are out of the salon and money isn’t involved?

Connect via Social Media: What sort of support can you offer your clients to keep them feeling good and connected? If your clients are looking for styling tutorials, make styling tutorials! If your clients are looking for new products to use create affiliate accounts with some of the great companies, like Hair Story, to offer products and education to your clients. I have even had clients message me on Instagram thanking me for my positive and uplifting stories and entertaining content through these hard times. Clients are watching us, they look to us for inspiration way more than we would have previously thought.

Not feeling social media savvy? Never under estimate the power of email (insert dial-up tone sound effect). I recommended to not only post updates and support on social media, but to get that client email list up and running. These newsletters can share updates on opening information, new salon policies, new product offerings or education. Some have even offered personal virtual consultations, by zoom or FaceTime. I personally sent an email to all of my clients a bit over a week ago and the response was unbelievable. I shared a personal update on how I am doing, asked to hear how they were doing, pointed them to my social media accounts, and offered my new product affiliation links.  I got so many personal responses from clients, new connections on social media, and product sales just from taking the time to write a letter of love and support to my clients and asking them how I could help.

Whether we consider ourselves a social media “influencer” or a social media “newbie” there is a way to engage and support our clients during this time we are out of the salon. The real measure of success during this difficult time as hairdressers isn’t how many videos or IG LIVES we can create or watch, but how can we connect with and serve our clients while we can’t be physically with them. Those that make this connection now will be better off for it down the road. We can use this time to develop a stronger and more loyal clientele than we have ever had, if we use our time and resources correctly.

Want to know more?

Need help going from “newbie” to “master” on social media? Looking to build a more loyal, profitable clientele? We have a variety of online courses available that offer that help. If you want to go a bit deeper by getting more personal with a coach, we are here and available offering our personalized coaching program to all those who want more from their career. We would love to help. Click here and give us a little information and we’ll be in touch to get started on the journey together.

Until next time,

Coach Cody