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Cody Moorefield

Cody Moorefield hails from North Carolina where he started his career in 2007. He moved to NYC in 2014 to take his career to the next level. Cody has worked in corporate positions for L’Oreal, educated for major brands, and has been trained by some of the top players in the industry. In 2017, Cody became a student of Destroy The Hairdresser, moved to a new salon in Soho, and raised his prices by over 50%. Coaching helped Cody pay off debt, create a savings, and gain a more balanced in his career and life. In 2018 he joined the DTH team as a coach, specializing in helping BTC stylists maximize their business through social media, proactive business practices, and a better work/life balance. Cody can be found behind the chair in Soho, on a yoga mat, or taking care of his many plant babies at his home in Brooklyn.

Social Media Coaching
Work/life Balance Coaching
Proactive Business Training

Brooklyn, NY

Six month program for commission stylists

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"We spend a lot of time worrying about being too expensive in the salon, when we should be worrying about not being expensive enough."

Why did you decide to become coach?

In the summer of 2017, I began my journey with Cyd as my coach.  Over the next year, with her guidance and support, I was able to make so many amazing changes in my career behind the chair.  When I got the opportunity to join the team as a coach, I was able to reflect on all of the amazing mentors I’d had over the last 10 years of my career.  I realized this was my chance to give back to an industry that had given so much to me. I am truly passionate about the hair industry, and those that work behind the chair.  I love nothing more than to help students dream big, get out of stagnant places, start to really love their career again, and make more money while doing it.

How would you describe your coaching style?

As a coach, I strive to be very approachable and personable. I have a very personalized approach to coaching, every student is starting at a different place, so each student will have different challenges and needs. This is my job as a coach to help facilitate the process of finding those areas and seeing what proactive steps can be taken to over come those challenges. My job as a coach is to give guidance and accountability during the journey, but ultimately success depends on the risks and actions taken by the student.

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What should someone expect when working with you?

As a student of mine, you should expect a very attentive and personalized experience. We will work together to find some focus points for growth based on the current career situation and begin making steps towards growth from the very first call. Usually those first focus points are pricing and scheduling, in order to start charging ones worth and start working less, to improve quality of life. I ask my students to really push themselves out of their comfort zone and when we talk goals, I will always ask the student if they can dream a little bigger.


What would you say to someone who is skeptical of hiring a coach?

Coaching is not for every one, and it definitely is not for the faint of heart. As a coach, I truly believe that students need to really desire to change and grow. Usually when someone is skeptical or resistant to coaching, that feeling is usually rooted in fear. Coaching with Destroy The Hairdresser is about acknowledging fear, running towards it, and conquering it in order to grow and get to the next level in our career.

What excites you about the Destroy The Hairdresser platform?

With Destroy The Hairdresser, we have so many resources for our students. We constantly strive to be putting out relevant content, courses, blogs, and course materials that all of our students have access to. We have created such a large and diverse network of hairstylists, salon leaders, and owners that there is no challenge or experience a student can have that has not been experienced by another student in the network.

What books have influenced your coaching style?

“Designing Your Life” by Bill Burnette and Dave Evans has been a huge influence in my coaching style.  This book really showed me how to ask the right questions when one is feeling uninspired or overwhelmed in their current career situation.  This has helped me help my students see what is really working in their career and what areas need to be targeted for change. “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle has been a constant influence in my personal life since I first read it, but as a coach, this book has really taught me to remind people to pause and enjoy each moment of the road towards more success. Sometimes things can feel overwhelming when we are in the midst of great change, but when you learn to pause and breathe, you really start to enjoy the journey, sometimes more than the destination.

What has been your biggest success story as a coach?

One of my very first students was feeling stuck in a very toxic salon and not sure of their next move. Within the first few months of coaching, we decided it was time to go independent and she opened her own business in a studio. After finishing her first full year in the space, she had made two price increases, started working the schedule she wanted to work, and made over $100,000 behind the chair.  

"When we really begin to desire growth, we begin to feel more uncomfortable in our comfort zone than outside of it."


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