Rethinking Profitability: Removing Retail & the Front Desk

Aug 16, 2023

In the world of salons, a common misconception persists: that retail sales equate to substantial profits. However, let’s clarify a few crucial points that debunk this notion and shed light on a more profitable approach.

 1.  Cash Flow vs. Real Profit: While retail sales might seem like a lucrative endeavor, they often inflate cash flow rather than generate true profit. It’s essential to discern between cash influx and actual profit for a realistic financial assessment.

 2. Profit in Closure: Genuine profit from a retail sale emerges when the product is sold for the last time, eliminating any need for reorder. This underscores the importance of strategic inventory management to maximize true profitability.

 3. Front Desk’s Hidden Costs: Surprisingly, the front desk, often considered a cornerstone of salon operations, can covertly drain resources. Its costs can outweigh the earnings many salon owners derive from their businesses, demanding a closer evaluation of its role and necessity.

 4. Embracing Technology for Efficiency: Embracing technology offers an alternative to traditional front desk and product shelves. This shift reduces overhead and creates a pathway to genuine take-home profits by streamlining operations.


The salon industry frequently finds itself caught in a paradox: retail companies amass vast fortunes while salon businesses struggle to see substantial profits. It’s crucial to dispel the illusions perpetuated by sales representatives and resist the allure of seemingly enticing incentives like free education and lavish training trips.


Rather than partnering with salon businesses, large beauty companies often “hijack” them. The telltale signs of this hijacking become evident when your salon incorporates a front desk and retail stock. The industry landscape demands a paradigm shift—a departure from the norm.


It’s time to break away from conformity to thrive in this dynamic industry. Salons can unlock their potential for profitability by adopting a different approach and capitalizing on their unique strengths. Consider working with a seasoned coach from Destroy the Hairdresser (DTH), an innovative platform committed to reshaping the salon's business model.


Let's challenge conventional wisdom and take control of our salon’s financial destiny. We can navigate towards a more prosperous future by reevaluating the insignificance of retail sales, rethinking the role of the front desk, and embracing technology-driven efficiency. Our salons has the potential to stand apart, excel, and finally achieve the real profits we deserve.

David Bosscher
CEO / Co-Founder & Coach