5 Steps to Removing Your Front Desk

Sep 14, 2021

Greetings! Coach Kate is here to share all about removing your front desk and using your valuable salon space to create profit!

When I first opened my salon in 2018, I didn't trust my initial instincts and opened with a rather large front desk. As soon as it was in, I knew I'd have to make a plan to remove it! 🤦🏻

Removing the actual desk was the easiest part!

The proactive strategy behind re-delegating tasks and streamlining systems is vital to this project. I'm here to take you through the five steps you'll need to take to free yourself from the desk.

Step 1: Freedom with responsibility

First, you'll need to give your staff 100% access to their book and clients. Yes, you can trust them, and if you can't, why did you hire them? Then, you let them rule their schedule, book clients, check clients out, pre-book, and even call/text them. Allowing the team to take ownership of their business and communicate with their clients directly is valuable for the whole experience.

Step 2: Technology 

Stylists are going to need access to their books on their phones and devices. Use software and tools that make everything easier and mobile. Online booking and contact-less check-out make the process seamless and straightforward for your team to take over. Voila! Now your whole stylist team can book their clients, block themselves a lunch, check out their clients, and the client doesn't have to wait in line at a desk.

If you are looking for some great software that allows this type of freedom, check out GlossGenius!

Step 3: Remove your retail shelves

Our front-of-house staff have often been responsible for inventory, stocking, up-selling, and dusting those product shelves. Removing the need for in-salon sales and selling only through affiliate links brings the salon the same (or more!) money with way less work.  Online product sales give your business commission without any overhead investment. 

Have you met Hairstory? Check them out to get a free product and test drive their unique affiliate link program.

Step 4: Rethink support staff

By now, we've eliminated the need for the physical desk, but every salon has different needs. Consider a free-flowing host or concierge. Consider outsourcing calls and emails to a virtual assistant or a work-from-home support staff. Some salons can eliminate their support staff and pay stylists a higher commission!

5. Add stations 

After removing the retail shelves and the front desk, now is the time to add more stations! At Destroy The Hairdresser, we are big believers in employing hairdressers, not product shelves. Take that unused space and create a business that can support more working hairdressers.

- Coach Kate