Kate Kent


Lead Coach / Salon Owner

Kate Kent (@katekentnicehair) has been in the industry for 18+ years and has been a coach with Destroy the Hairdresser for 5 yrs. Kate opened her own salon, Nice Hair, using the tools she learned as a student with Destroy The Hairdresser. Her passion is to help salon owners view their businesses as a work of art. Her specialities include maximizing time, streamlining systems, enhancing communication using emotional intelligence & radical transformation. With her fine arts education, her multiple certifications in coaching, and her whimsical yet no-nonsense personality, Kate Kent will help you achieve whole-life & business transformation.

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Sarah Kleeman
Goldenrod Parlor
"Originally, I joined Coach’d because I thought I needed someone to coax me into raising my prices. I was a studio suite owner, working as a solo stylist for over ten years, and had never raised them. Fast forward two years and this unique program has made an impactful change in my life, let alone my career behind the chair. I’m now a commission salon owner with 7+ employees and growing. If you want to let yourself grow and can’t imagine staying the same- this is your program."

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