Mastering Salon Boundaries

Sep 04, 2023

In a world where work and life often intertwine, setting boundaries becomes crucial for achieving success and maintaining well-being. Here's a handy list of key insights to help you establish effective boundaries:

  1. 🌟 Setting the Scene: Remember those years when self-worth and self-value were all the rage? Back in 2018 and 2019, we were all about healthier pricing and confidently asserting ourselves in our industry. We transformed from simple service providers into artistry-infused mavens. Then the pandemic hit, and our boundary-setting progress seemed to vanish. But reality check: we can't let it fade. Let's talk boundaries!

    🚦 Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs: Have you ever messaged clients at ungodly hours? Mixed work and play to the point of exhaustion? Or had zero clue about cancellations and pricing? Ding, ding! Those are signs screaming for boundaries. And remember that time you undervalued yourself with discounts? Or aced self-worth during self-care mode but stumbled during quarantine? Yup, time to reclaim those lost boundaries!

    🔮 The Magic of Boundaries: Picture boundaries as your trusty guides, keeping behavior in check and reactions on point. Funny thing is, we're quick to respond when someone oversteps, but slow to set our own limits. Think of it as a self-love superhero move. Juggling messages late? Feeling lost in chaos? Let's turn the tables – make core values and beliefs your compass.

    🌈 Empower Your Journey: Your career voyage needs boundary power. They help you navigate emotions, make killer decisions, and shout out your needs. Say goodbye to burnout and resentment – boundaries are your shields! They're like self-care alarm clocks, promoting harmony and real expectations. And guess what? It's a two-way street, so teach others about your boundaries while setting them.

    💼 Workplace Wonders: No-shows and cancellations got you down? Declare your time's value! Set personal time limits – notifications off, work mode on. Say hello to a clear division between work and life, boosting your well-being.

    🕰️ Master Time Management: Time for a superhero cape! Set timeframes for tasks, enhancing productivity. From 5 to 7 PM, conquer work tasks. But after, cut the cord – busyness doesn't equal success.

    🎙️ Less Busyness, More Productivity: Our fab team – Coach Cody, Coach Kate, Coach Rachel, and yours truly – have cracked the code on avoiding busyness. Knock tasks out one by one for peak productivity.

    🎯 Pricing Power: Raise those prices, champ! Your services deserve respect, not discounts. Transform your biz with the pricing power move.

    🎉 Consistency Rocks: Whether newbies or old pals, stick to your rules. Chat with a friend-client missing meets – it's pro respect time!

    🔮 Long-Term Wins: Short-term awkwardness, long-term wins. Charles Buxton’s quote rings true: "You'll never find time; you must make it." Prioritize and score life wins!

    📊 Smart Pricing Moves: Time to tweak pricing? Demand high, clients loyal? Step up the pricing game, and flaunt your value.

Cyd Charisse
COO / Co-Founder & Coach