Holiday Sanity Guide for Hairdressers: The Essential List

Nov 24, 2023

Hey Hairdressers, let's get real about the holiday season. You know the drill - while everyone's getting festive, you're trapped in the salon, dealing with endless appointments and demanding clients. It's a relentless grind, and frankly, it's absurd. Why is it so hard to imagine hairdressers taking a break during December to enjoy some downtime?

  1. Rethink the Holiday Hustle: Why are hairdressers expected to work non-stop during the holidays? It's time to question this norm.

  2. Schedule Smart: Plan client appointments before or after the holiday rush. Your sanity is worth more than squeezing in that last-minute cut.

  3. Quality Over Quantity: Overworking leads to mistakes. Remember, a rested hairdresser is a better hairdresser.

  4. You're Human, Not a Robot: Missing family time for endless hair appointments? Time to break that cycle.

  5. Strategic Breaks = Better Business: Taking time off can actually increase your quality of service, leading to happier clients and better income.

  6. Communicate Clear Holiday Hours: Let your clients know your schedule in advance. It'll save you stress and them disappointment.

  7. Happy Hairdresser, Happy Client: A well-rested stylist is more creative and efficient. Your clients will notice the difference.

  8. Salon Owners, Take Note: Treating your stylists humanely isn't just ethical; it's good business. Consider giving them deserved holidays.

  9. Learn from the Pros: Follow the lead of experts like Christen Barrs of Destroy the Hairdresser, who advocates for taking significant time off during the holidays.

  10. Make a Choice: Decide now. Will you spend another holiday season in a frenzy, or will you join the movement for healthier work-life balance in the salon industry?

Remember: This holiday season, it's not just about surviving; it's about thriving both in your professional life and personal well-being. Choose wisely!

Christen Barrs is a coach for Destroy the Hairdresser, owner of Good Hair Collective, and an avid believer in taking off all of Thanksgiving week and the last two weeks of December. It wasn’t always the case but she learned the hard way that it’s important to have your own holiday when your family and friends have time off too.