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be a coach? 

At Destroy the Hairdresser, we are always looking to grow our team. Below you will find all the requirements to apply as a coach.

We are thrilled that you are interested in becoming a coach for DTH!

Below are a list of requirements each coach must complete before joining the team.

Becoming a coach at DTH is not just about offering advice, its about completely changing your consciousness around the industry and helping others do the same.

Have you been a student yet?

All of our coaches must be in the program for a minimum of a year, implement all of our methods, and use them to proactively create financial, emotional, and psychological success in their business.

Become a student today!

Have you implemented all of our methods?

All of our methods can be found on our homepage. If you have further questions about the methods make sure you ask your coach!

Are you ready to apply?

If you have completed the first two requirements then its time to get started! Submit your application through the form below to begin your application.

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