Joy LaMay


Coach / Salon Owner

With over 20 years of industry experience, Joy LaMay (@JoyLaMay) is an expert in self improvement who understands the power of proactive change. Her unique approach to business coaching is centered around helping her students achieve complete vulnerability and transparency – a safe space where they can identify what holds them back and take actionable steps towards achieving their goals. 
Joy knows that building a successful business requires a foundation of clear decision-making. Confident decisions lead to success, not just in business but in all aspects of life.  With her guidance, her students can unlock their full potential and lead their most fulfilling lives. Joy's career began as an independent stylist and educator in California before establishing her own salon based on the DTH Principles in 2021. (The Ministry Salon in Los Angeles). 
Coach Joy is not your run-of-the-mill business coach. She's a compassionate, empathetic, and incredibly knowledgeable professional who understands the unique needs of each of her students. With her guidance, you'll be able to transform your business and your life – one step at a time.
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Universe Walker
Scarlet Salon Berkeley
"Joining the destroy the hairdresser coaching program & working with coach Joy has transformed not only my two businesses but also my life. Learning about the reactive system & emotional intelligence has been a game changer. I signed up just interested in turning my rental salon & rental barbershop into commission spaces in California-and got so much more. Going gratuity-free, hourly pricing, gender-free services, affiliate links for products, and more has allowed our businesses to grow past expectations & it’s just getting better. The way I value myself and my time, interact with clients and staff, and the quality of my services has changed in ways I never thought possible. It’s hard work, but Joy is with her students every step of the way-holding one accountable and pushing…just enough…for growth you didn’t even know you had in you."

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