Tones & Gemstones

Mar 13, 2019

No one wants caramel highlights anymore, well maybe they do but caramel isn’t everyones favorite flavor. We don’t even know what caramel means anymore; is it an 8 gold? a 7 auburn? It’s time we start elevating our color services with new descriptive words.


Introduce your pale blondes to a more golden, softer dazzling Citrine root while keeping them light and bright in areas that compliment her face shape. 

For a client who wants to awaken a new personal power, Tigers Eye is such a beautiful chocolate-y, golden combo that’s sure to keep your client feeling fabulous. Brunettes can have fun too!

Try a Black Onyx root melting into Ruby for your fiery red-heads.

There are hundreds of dazzling crystals to get inspiration from: a few of my favorites include Smoky Amethyst, Jasper, Garnet and Amber. The transition can be so easy and rewarding. Wow yourself with how creative you can be and experience a new world of hair color! 

What are some of your favorite descriptions for hair color? Leave your responses in the comments below.


Kate Wright, Lead Blogger