The Revolution of Stealing Stylists

Oct 22, 2023

Alright, let's dive in. I know the title might evoke strong reactions. I can almost feel the eyes burning through the screen.

"How dare you steal my stylists!" This sentiment is a prevalent fear. Many dread either experiencing stylist "theft" firsthand or being accused by an irate salon owner of poaching their team. But let's pause for a moment. Why the odd possessiveness over stylists? It's akin to claiming ownership of your favorite barista at Starbucks. Here's the reality: stylists aren't possessions. They're individuals with aspirations. And, between you and me, expecting someone to work their entire life in one salon is unrealistic.

My Stylist Left—Is the World Ending?

Take a moment and breathe. Consider this approach: what about focusing on proactive recruitment? Not just taking over their clients when they leave, but consistently seeking out new talent. Instead of waiting for the perfect stylist to walk in, be proactive. Avoid relying on just any fresh recruit straight out of school.

Headhunting: The Future of Salons

As you familiarize yourself with headhunting, a strategy many industries have embraced, you'll recognize its potential. This approach challenges dated salon models that burden stylists with unreachable goals. The evolution rate of salons that adopt headhunting will be unparalleled in an industry used to a more leisurely pace. Salons will need to adapt to this new normal or risk becoming irrelevant.

If you're serious about changing the game, offer something compelling. Stand out genuinely, not with token gestures like "we have organic tea." Choose your team deliberately and create the salon environment you envision. Trust me, it's rewarding.

Taking the First Step

Starting headhunting without building rapport with potential stylists? That's a bit off-putting. To effectively recruit, engage with them where they're most active, like TikTok and Instagram. Delve into their profiles, interact, and get a sense of their personality. Your salon's Instagram shouldn't just showcase hairstyles. Express your values and highlight your unique approach. Create content so authentic that stylists think, "That's where I want to be." Building trust is crucial. Initiate genuine conversations, introducing your salon's ethos. By offering a refreshing perspective, you'll pique their interest.

This forward-thinking strategy helps rejuvenate our businesses, taking the pressure off stylists. It's the way forward for lasting change.

Blog by Jennessa Couture