3 Proven Ways to Repel New Clients

Jan 18, 2023

Is finding and bringing new clients into the salon too easy? Here are three proven ways to keep clients from our chairs for 2023.

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  1. Confusing pricing structures

Clients love a mystery! Walking into a salon thinking they will pay one price but then learning that there are hidden fees or that your stylist changed the service is always a thrill! Want to make it more fun for a client? Add on that toner they desperately need, and then charge them extra!

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  1. Double booking

We all love loud, crowded places, especially after coming out of a pandemic. Clients want to be squeezed in like sardines. Double-book or, better yet, triple-book clients to make them feel nice and cozy. An added benefit: clients love knowing that their stylist is getting a bladder infection because they are in such high demand.

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  1. No online booking options

Is online booking working too well? Don’t do it! Instead, make sure clients can only book appointments by calling the salon. Seal the deal by using pen and paper to keep track; those automatic appointment reminders are so annoying!

Want to learn more ways to repel clients? Do not check out our website or learn more about The Conscious school. Remember, in 2023, we want our chairs and wallets to be empty.

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About the author

Christen Barrs is the owner of The Good Hair Collective and is a coach for Destroy the Hairdresser. She specializes in teaching extension artists how to salon differently.