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Each department has its own class schedule. When you sign up for self-guided coaching, you will have access to all live and recorded classes from all departments. Take your time, explore, and jump into the classes that interest you most.

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All coaching students have access to our virtual campus, which is currently hosted on a private app, not Facebook 🙃. Meet and connect with other Destroy the Hairdresser students. Stay up-to-date on upcoming courses with the virtual campus calendar.

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Each month you will have a chance to listen to live labs where we interview students and coaches who successfully use our methods. You will also have the chance to jump into live focus groups with department directors to get even more of your questions answered.

The most comprehensive approach to conscious business for hairdressers, salon owners, and everyone in between!

What you'll get:

  • Gain access to live weekly classes, labs, & focus groups with the founders of Destroy the Hairdresser and their team of train coaches
  • Unlock all of the educational Departments of Destroy The Hairdresser, including:
    • Foundations & Methods
    • Salon Economics
    • Social Media and Marketing
    • Leadership Studies
    • Electives
  • Enjoy 24/7 access to our virtual campus currently on a private app
  • Gain access to 120+ hours of recorded conscious business education 

Whether you choose guided or self-guided coaching,

you will receive access to these educational departments & more!

There are consumers, and there are creators, here you are a creator.

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Learn modern business methods to help you salon differently.

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"The branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth."

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Authentic leadership is the result of emotional intelligence coupling with critical thinking.

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Unlock all departments & more!

  • Unlock the Foundation & Method department
  • Unlock the Social Media department
  • Unlock the Leadership department
  • Unlock monthly lab and focus group sessions
  • Unlock the Virtual Campus via our private app
  • Unlock over 130+ hours of video content

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Unlock all departments & more!

  • Unlock all departments & save!

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