No More Station Assignments

Jun 09, 2022

If you have been following Destroy the Hairdresser for a while, then you know we teach our students to set up their salons as co-working spaces. 

What does this mean?

No stylist has an assigned station. All chairs and stations are available to all hairdressers.

The concept of assigning stations is a massive hindrance to salon scalability. By assigning stations, we tend to stop hiring when stations are "full." However, having an entire staff does not always equate to having a fully booked team.

By having a co-working-type environment, the salon can be scaled endlessly, allowing those who are busy to expand and those who are not busy to contract. This system enables the cream to rise to the top, and natural talent will naturally take up more space. This is exactly what should be happening. 

Gone are the days of holding someone's station while they build; it is not beneficial for the hairdresser or the salon owners.

Side effects of salons with assigned stations:

  1. Seniority issues: stylists feel ownership over stations 
  2. Cleanliness issues: like our homes, we tend to only clean properly when someone is coming over
  3. Cliques: everyone wants to sit next to their friends until they are not friends anymore
  4. Complacency: same station, different day

Side effects of salons with our co-working method:

  1. Community: produces proactive and sharing environments
  2. Greater cleanliness: because we all use the space, we feel a stronger need to clean up after ourselves
  3. No cliques: Everyone works everywhere
  4. Excitement: Each day brings a fresh start; the entire salon is the canvas

By having a co-working type salon, we recommend that you either require stylists to take home their tools, which is better for insurance purposes. Or you can provide lockers where they must store their tools at the end of the day. Either approach promotes more cleanliness and respect for the salon space. 

The future is co-working.

The future is freedom and movement.

The future is share culture.

Future-proof your salon one step further with this co-working method.

Have more questions or just need help implementing this with your team? Then it's time to work one-on-one with one of our trained coaches. Tap here to get started.