Don't Wait

Jun 30, 2019

As a coach, I speak with many people working behind the chair. Many of these professionals are frustrated in their current employment. Yet through all of the complaining and the blaming, there is really only one solution. 


If you’re unhappy with your current salon: leave. As quickly as possible. Jump into the idea of working for yourself. Flirt with the possibility of opening your own space. The frustration you’re feeling is not because of other people, it’s because your insides are yearning to get outside of their comfort zone. Your soul is desiring more than your brain can comprehend. 

This blog is a call to action. For all of those talented beauty professionals out there that have been standing on the precipice for too long, jump. Can’t do it? I’ll push you.  

My teacher told me something beautiful the other day. She said, “our negativity is not measured by the amount of darkness we have. Our greatest negativity is measured by the amount of light we could have revealed, but didn’t”. 

If you feel you are meant to reveal a great amount of light in this world, make sure you jump so you can spread that light through your career!