Are you a reactive mess?

Mar 30, 2023

Hello, my name is Ethan, and I am a reactive mess.

Do you feel like you’re a risk-taker?

Can’t be held down in one place for too long?

Do you work on 60 projects at a time? 

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Rewind to me in 2020, brimming with potential, never being able to actualize any of it. Now, insert the reactive system: What is it? The reactive system deals with the outside stimulus, generally manifesting as fight, flight, or freeze. What happens when things get difficult? We run, we fight, or we do nothing. Our minds create narratives for ourselves to make us the hero or victim of our own story. The reactive system isn’t a game to beat.

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Understanding the reactive system is more sustainable and will have longer-lasting effects. Understanding your reactive system helps you pause in those flight moments from moving from one idea to another; it helps you in those moments leading up to enforcing your cancelation policy or not. It helps you to finally decide whether to get rid of that business partner you’ve had for years to take the leap and do it on your own. Your reactive system is instinctual; therefore, it’s predictable and changes over time.

The more we observe and write it down, the more we can understand ourselves and how we might create blockages in our lives. If we understand our reactive decisions, we start to bring consciousness to our businesses. The more we bring consciousness into our business, the more proactive we can be in decision-making.

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About the author

Ethan Flores is behind the chair at The Clean Beauty Boutique and is a coach for Destroy the Hairdresser. He specializes in teaching hairdressers and salon owners how to salon differently.