Ethan Flores

Coach / Business Owner/ Salon Leadership

Ethan (@hairby_EthanFlores) has been in the hair industry since 2008 and has worked in various states such as Illinois, Denver, and Michigan. Ethan's goal since 2008 was to change and impact the industry. He opened The Alchemist Salon in Palos Heights after coaching and introducing mindset and critical thinking into his business. Ethan specializes in team and culture building, developing talent in salons, and helping owners redefine their leadership by introducing vulnerability and authenticity in their businesses.

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Cherie Morales
Tender Love 'N' Hair
"This is the best investment in myself that I could have ever imagined. Coach Ethan has helped me understand who I am and what I bring to the table. He has taught me to become a better Artist for me FIRST and then my clients. In my experience, Coach Ethan’s approach is gentle and sensitive, yet firm (because you all know we need that sometimes). The encouragement and guidance he has provided when fear, doubt and overwhelm creep in, are priceless. You feel absolutely taken care of and understood after phone calls, and he answers your chat questions in a timely manner, which is appreciated when you’re having “a moment”. The humor that he incorporates leaves you feeling lighthearted about things because we need that reminder to not take ourselves too seriously. With all the work we have already accomplished, I can’t wait to see how he pushes my growth in the future."

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