4 Ways to Prepare for Hourly Pricing

Jan 16, 2023

 If time is money, why do we discount it so much? Believe it or not, all hairdressers charge based on time. We can be more transparent and honest when communicating with our clients by calling it hourly pricing.

1. Get Specific on your Clientele

Most of us have built a book and a business reactivity, meaning we didn't choose every client. Most of them probably chose us. Getting specific on who we want in our chair will help us expand and build our clientele allowing us to charge differently and more proactively.

2. Fuck a tip

With hourly pricing, we are taking responsibility for your earnings. We should be the ones pricing our art and expertise. We shouldn't be living and dying based on the number of tips we bring in. By removing tipping, you're being truly proactive behind the chair and taking control of your income.

 3. Get rid of gender-based pricing

Do we really need to explain this one? Charging men at a different price than women is sexist and illegal in many states; look it up. But beyond ethics, it's not smart business. Hourly pricing is genderless; it's based on time.

4. Time-based pricing isn't discriminatory, but sometimes we are

You want to ensure that your timing is something you're not abusing. If it's taking you too long to provide a service to a client depending on their hair type, then it's time to brush up and work on your skills or timing so that you're not being discriminatory.

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About the author

Ethan Flores is behind the chair at The Clean Beauty Boutique and is a coach for Destroy the Hairdresser. He specializes in teaching hairdressers and salon owners how to salon differently.