Christy Stewart


Coach / Salon Owner/ Educator 

Christy (@christy.refinery208) was late to the party and didn’t begin her career until 2005 soon after the birth of her third son.  She has experienced almost every facet of the hair industry; from commission stylist to independent stylist, then suite owner to co-owning salon suites.  Now, co-owning and operating a successful commission salon, Refinery 208 Salon
Christy reached out to DTH in 2020 when she realized she needed some assistance in order to grow her salon. Since then, her team has grown as well as her relationship with her long time business partner.  As a mom of 4 boys and an owner of 3 businesses, Christy has learned to lead with compassion, empathy and a little tough love.  She can’t wait to help salon owners set boundaries, work less, make more, and grow their businesses with intention as well as experience personal growth.

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