Stop Budget Judging

May 12, 2019

Let's start with the 3 don'ts

  1. Don't assume
  2. Don't assume

Why is it so hard for hairdressers to enter this industry with the confidence necessary to be able to state proper pricing?

Is it because as hairdressers we normally start our careers with debt of our own, or perhaps we have financial issues of our own? Maybe we grew up in a home that didn’t talk about money. No matter what our reason it creates an issue when charging our worth.

I had a guest who dressed like a social security pensioner from Ft. Lauderdale who used layaway at Kmart.  I later found out that this same person also owned half of downtown. Lupe Voss, platform artist for Aveda and founder of Haircolormagic, once shared a story with me about going to Nordstrom to buy shoes after a workout.  The clerk, based on her post-exercise casual look, made assumptions about her ability to afford the shoes she asked to see.  

To quote Pretty Woman: “BIG mistake.”

 Do not spend your clients' money for them

Don't assume you know how much they are willing to spend.  It's like a stylist version of mansplaining.  This is not kindergarten, this is business.  Run your business successfully in 2019.

  • Give each client options for their hair service and communicate the price for each choice. Let them decide.
  • Tell each client what you recommend they use to maintain and recreate their look at home. Let them decide.
  • Don't be afraid to talk money. This is business but it is a business that involves connection and nurturing. Listen with a caring heart, offer options if budget is a concern. But have that conversation. LET THEM DECIDE.

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Kate Wright, lead blogger