So You've Had a Walkout

Oct 19, 2023

Those haunting words, "I had a walk out." Five simple words that no salon owner ever wants to utter. While I've been lucky enough not to experience it firsthand, I've seen the aftermath from the inside. Salon owners left baffled, pointing fingers, drafting legal papers – all to prevent the inevitable without ever asking themselves the crucial question: How did I contribute to this?

The Blazing Fuse: The salon industry has long been a powder keg, just a matchstick away from ignition. Stylists burning out, treated as cash cows rather than human beings. For years, we've inadvertently trapped them within our walls, terrified they'll discover greener pastures, all while stifling their growth and options for fear of losing revenue.

The Fear Factor: I've heard stories of stylists being sacked for having coffee with another salon owner. The mere thought of a top performer leaving is enough to bruise egos. The result? The dreaded walkout, cultural crises, and a back-to-square-one scenario.

A Shift in Approach: It's time for a shift – allowing employees to actively explore other opportunities or even consider opening their salon next door. By nurturing such transparency, you create a proactive working atmosphere, fostering confidence and communication, establishing you as a leader, not a fearful ruler.

An Open-Door Approach: The open-door policy isn't merely lip service. It's sharing talents with another commission salon, hiring independent artists or fellow salon owners. Yes, this generates more revenue, but it's about more than the bottom line. You're offering your staff a chance to broaden horizons, while outsiders can peek into the industry in a safe environment.

Fueling Independence: Picture stylists working in multiple salons, finding new levels of independence and creativity. This calls for a visionary leader, one unafraid of the bigger picture, a leader driven by confidence, not reactivity.

Looking Forward: Ready to rewrite the script? Let's prevent the next "walk out" saga. Sign up for 1:1 coaching today, and together, we'll transform your leadership, safeguard your salon, and shape a future that thrives on possibilities. The salon industry is evolving, and it's time your leadership style followed suit.

Blog by Ethan Flores