Price Increase? Avoid These Mistakes!

Aug 12, 2023

In the realm of hairdressing, an ill-judged pricing strategy affects the entire industry. When one hairdresser doesn't charge properly, it ruins the validity of our craft for everyone, hairdresser and client. It's crucial to understand that charging differing amounts for identical services is a form of price gouging – an illegal and unjust practice. Every client, regardless of their background, should be charged equally, irrespective of race, gender, religion, or length of patronage.


Lowering prices for specific individuals sends a damaging message to current and potential clients. It implies that our services are undervalued and that we're merely hoping clients will pay our new rate without question.

It's time to elevate our trade and take pricing seriously, benefiting both us and our clients. Embrace unwavering confidence in your rates, and you'll likely discover that your clarity eliminates stress and uncertainty for both parties. Clients primarily seek answers to two questions: how much time and money will they need to invest?


To ensure you don't fall into common traps, avoid these missteps:


  • No Need for Defense: There's no requirement to justify price increases, regardless of their frequency or extent.
  • Never Justify: Refrain from using education and experience as reasons for raising prices. You're skilled, and that should speak for itself. You decide when your time and talent should be worth more.
  • No Grandfathering: Never retain old pricing for specific clients. Uniformity is critical for your success and the success of the industry.
  • Banish the "Next Time" theory: Avoid telling people you will charge them your new rate "next time." Communicate changes clearly through emails, texts, or posts, and hold clients accountable when you decide to make that change.
  • Be Concise: Avoid lengthy explanations about pricing changes. Don't assume clients can't afford you – avoid projecting that assumption.



At Destroy the Hairdresser, our mission is to empower hairdressers and salon owners to amass true wealth. We're committed to helping you take your craft seriously and manage your business effectively. Managing your business, serving clients, and pricing appropriately can be challenging, which is why we offer personalized 1:1 coaching. Let us assist you in confidently standing by your craft.

David Bosscher
CEO / Co-Founder & Coach