9 Rules to Proper Business Boundaries

Jan 08, 2020

Salon environments often start out as safe spaces for many creatives. Over time relationships with our colleagues grow and develop. Lines are crossed and walls are built. We begin to participate in gossip, we find our work family annoying, and we form small cliques to keep us divided. All of these symptoms can stem from a lack of boundaries. 

2020 is a new decade with a new set of rules. We wanted to provide our fans, followers, and students a quick guide for implementing proper boundaries into your career. 


Below are the 9 rules we have created to help guide you through this process. It’s important to remember that proactive boundaries allow us to feel closer to others while keeping a safe distance. While, reactive boundaries only make us feel more isolated. Stay proactive, consistent, and clear during the process. 

  1. Your boundaries should respect and protect all parties. Don’t minimize others while protecting yourself.
  2. Only create boundaries you can consistently uphold. Without consistency they are simply walls.
  3. Explain your boundaries and your expectations to each person as needed. It is unfair to expect others to read your mind.
  4. Not all boundaries need to be shared. Some of the most powerful boundaries are private - and enforcing them is called: integrity.
  5. When create boundaries focus on your life as a whole. How we do one thing is how we do all things.
  6. It is ok to have different boundaries for different people. Some people are safer to keep close while others require more distance.
  7. Never enforce boundaries out of reactivity. Using boundaries to harm others can be detrimental to communication.
  8. Boundaries should create a sense of peace, clarity, and understanding for all parties. These sensations will only enhance your business.
  9. Boundaries should be re-examined as often as needed. Do not keep others at a distance for too long and make changes as you see fit.

What proactive boundaries will you be implementing for 2020? Please leave your comments below. 💛💣