Are You a Hobby Hairstylist or Salon Professional?

Mar 27, 2024

It's time to look in the mirror and see who you really are. Are you just dabbling in hairdressing as a hobby, are you a true professional? Let's find out!

1.When you think of your tools, do you...

    • A) See a pair of craft scissors and a box dye kit.
    • B) Boast of top-notch shears and high-quality salon products.
    • C) Consider your claws your best styling tools.

2. Your favorite hairstyle experimentation spot is...

    • A) Your kitchen, where friends and family serve as willing guinea pigs.
    • B) The salon, equipped with all the necessary facilities.
    • C) Wherever the sun is shining and heating up the surroundings.

3. How about training? Do you...

    • A) Rely on TikTok and Brad Mondo tutorials and learn by trial and error.
    • B) Attend workshops, classes, and keep up with business education.
    • C) Learn everything by pretending to be a statue and watch others.

4. Your approach to hairdressing is...

    • A) A fun hobby and a chance to experiment.
    • B) A profession that you respect and are passionate about.
    • C) What's hair?

5. Where do you source your materials?

    • A) The Grocery Store, where else?
    • B) Have a dedicated supplier for high-quality hair products.
    • C) Use whatever you find in the desert.

6. When someone asks about your career, do you say...

    • A) "It's just for fun!".
    • B) "I'm a professional hairstylist".
    • C) "I'm a professional sunbather".


Tally your answers, and let's see who you really are!

  • Mostly As: You're an adventurous Hobby Hairstylist! You love the thrill of experimentation and creativity. But isn't it time you took your passion to the next level?

  • Mostly Bs: Congratulations! You're a Professional! You understand that hairdressing is more than just a hobby; it's a respected career. Keep nurturing your passion and professional growth!

  • Mostly Cs: Well, well, well... Turns out you're not a hairdresser at all. You're a lizard! Perhaps it's time to switch from sunbathing to salon appointments?

So, where do you stand? Are you tired of not treating yourself like a professional? Destroy the Hairdresser is here for you. We're not just a coaching company, we're a movement that propels salon owners and hairstylists like you from hobbyists (or lizards) to entrepreneurs.

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Blog by Christen Barrs, the owner of Good Hair Collective. Do not worry, she’s not a lizard! She’s one of the coaches for Destroy the Hairdresser, helping salon owners change their business and their lives.