5 Modern Ways to Streamline Your Salon Business ✨

Sep 15, 2020

👉🏻 Stop stocking retail. Get rid of all of it. I think I speak for most hairstylists and owners that we didn’t get into this business to sell hair products. Also, selling products this way doesn’t make you real money.

👉🏻 Get rid of the complicated commission structure. I’ve seen so many elaborate ways of structuring commissions that are unfair and outdated.

👉🏻 Delegate! Stop trying to do everything yourself. Know your strengths and pass on your weaknesses to someone who can do it better.

👉🏻 Simplify your service menu. Stop basing prices on gender and stop with all the add ons already! Hourly pricing keeps it accessible and inclusive.

👉🏻 Hire slow, fire fast. Letting people go sucks, but if they are ruining your reputation or revenue, it may be time for a change. Hiring should take time; keep at it to find the right fit. ⠀

I have used all of these tips in my business, and I hope they can bring you the same success that they have brought me. It’s easy to stay the same or do things how they have always been done, but these changes will pay off.

- Coach Rachel Radford