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Rachel Radford

Rachel Radford became a coach with Destroy the Hairdresser after finding success as a student in their program herself. She has been a salon owner for 6 years, behind the chair for 14, and understands first hand the challenges of our industry. Her coaching style can be described as “tough love” and focuses on helping her students get out of their own way. Rachel feels this best way to achieve success is to take real proactive action toward our goals. She specializes in proactive leadership and transforming salon culture. 

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Carrboro, NC


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"We are human and we all imperfect. It’s how we handle our missteps that will allow us to grow stronger and more confident in our craft and business."

Why did you decide to become coach?

After going through the coaching program with DTH and the positive impact it has had on my business, I had a strong desire to help others the way my coach helped me.

How would you describe your coaching style?

I am known for my tough love approach to coaching. I gently push my students toward reaching their potential with open and honest feedback. Teaching a student how to look inward and away from their reactivity allows me to achieve real results.

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What should someone expect when working with you?

Expect to slay your goals! It won’t be easy, but I’m here to hold your hand, give a push, and cheer you on. I love to coach my students into taking a deep look at how they want to feel in their business.

What would you say to someone who is skeptical of hiring a coach?

I get it, it’s an investment of your time and money. It’s difficult to put trust in something, and someone, beside yourself. For some of us it’s even hard to trust ourselves! Coaching my not be for everyone, but I can’t imagine my life, or career, without one!

What excites you about the Destroy The Hairdresser platform?

The DTH platform pushes boundaries and isn’t afraid to ignite real change. We love our industry - we really, really love it. DTH is different because we focus more on growing emotional intelligence and less on benchmarks. Our team of coaches can help students in all aspects of their lives! Also, DTH coaches are hairdressers and salon owners, which means we are right there with you.

What books have influenced your coaching style?

The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber, was one that really resonated with me while in coaching. It teaches that business owners should stop working in their business and start working on their business. I also love the book What to do When its Your Turn by Seth Godin, which tells us to stop being afraid, and start making the change we want to see. I love to refer books to my students as a supplement to coaching.

What has been your biggest success story as a coach?

My students have successfully raised their prices, started specializing in only the services they love to perform, and are learning to confidently navigate challenges in their business.

"Entrepreneurship can feel lonely and heavy. But coaching feels like someone is right there with you, helping you surf the waves of your business."


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Learn to use emotional intelligence to simplify and enhance your client consultations.

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Reactivity ruins revenue but proactivity produced profits. Learn how to supercharge your leadership abilities in our latest course.