Rachel Radford


Coach / Salon Owner

Rachel Radford (@rachelsrad) began her career in 2005 and since has experienced many facets of the industry. She has built a loyal following behind the chair, assisted on dozens of shows backstage at NYFW next to top talent in the industry, taught many technical classes, and opened Ceremony Salon in North Carolina in 2012. What started out as a little 5 chair salon, has grown to 12 chairs and 14 busy stylists.

Rachel reached out to DTH in 2017 after realizing she was in need of real support. During her coaching, she has gained expertise in transforming a team, cutting out debt, and learning to lead with consciousness and empathy. As a business owner and Mom to four kids, she has learned through coaching that you can’t do it alone and has joined the DTH team of coaches to help guide other leaders, and those behind the chair, to a career they deserve and have dreamt of.

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Before DTH and Rachel, I did’t really have any direction with my business. I was going through the motions hoping to get somewhere with it, but no game plan. I was discounting services, working nearly every single day, and burning out in every day (creatively, financially, etc.). With Rachel, I’m working 4 days a week, making nearly three times the money I was before. I have complete control of my business, I stick to a schedule, no longer discounting, and growing creatively. On top of that, the skills I’ve gained from coaching, has not only helped me tremendously in business, but has helped me in my personal life as well. Having someone outside the fish bowl looking in and holding me accountable has made such an impact on my life. I should have done this so much sooner in my career!


David Perry 

Rachel is my coach now and I could not be in the place that I am in, mentally and emotionally
without the guidance and support that she has given. The pressure that I have had with my
business partner (also my eldest) has been reduced significantly as I no longer need to lean on her as
much especially as I go through changes from working constantly btc to now being a leader for
our team. Rachel has become the proverbial “life preserver”. She understands what I am
experiencing and can relate and isn’t afraid to call me out on my shit. She has helped me
implement the DTH concepts and has been an enthusiastic cheer leader. I consider her a true
confidant as I throw ideas around for expanding my salon company as well. Looking in the
mirror is far more challenging but can be rewarding when you have a great team of people in
your corner. Thank you Rachel and thank you to the DTH team and community.


Kristine Templeton

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