4 reasons we are embracing hourly pricing in 2024

Jan 10, 2024

📢Attention Hairdressers and Salon Owners! 

Tired of feeling like your income has a ceiling? I want to talk to you about why hourly pricing is your ticket to uncapping your income.

Four Reasons to Embrace Hourly Pricing:

1: Consistent Earnings: With a fixed hourly rate, you gain financial stability. No more guessing about tips or upselling outcomes. Hourly pricing means predictable earnings, allowing you to plan your life with confidence.

2:  Fairness and Transparency: This pricing model is straightforward for both you and your clients. It eliminates hidden costs and surprises, fostering trust and ensuring client satisfaction.

3: Scalable Financial Growth: As your skills and business grow, adjusting your hourly rates is simple. This control lets you strategically manage your financial progress.

4: Enhanced Time Management and Productivity: Knowing your per-hour earnings makes you more time-conscious, boosting your efficiency and output.

3 More Bonus reasons 

✅ 1: Recognizing Your Value: A competitive hourly rate reflects your skills and expertise, showcasing your worth in the industry.

✅ 2: Incorporating Expenses: Easily include operational costs in your rates, ensuring a healthy profit while covering daily expenses.

✅ 3: Boosting Accountability: Being paid for your time encourages punctuality, focus, and high-quality service, enhancing client satisfaction and your reputation.

Say goodbye to income limits and welcome the freedom and potential of hourly pricing with DTH. Uncap your income potential and steer your financial future in the right direction.

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-By Cyd Charisse, co-founder of Destroy The Hairdresser