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Coaching programs for salon owners, team leaders, and support staff. Blow your mind, change your thinking, and create lasting change and success! 

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Coaching programs for those working BTC looking to grow and build a cohesive brand, social media following, and greater income!
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What people are saying about DTH

"Learn to be useful and productive, not important. To master your craft you must be disciplined in all dynamics. A coach always believes in you and pushes you to be great. His or her purpose is to see you win! This is precisely what Caeleb and Cyd have created with Destroy the Hairdresser."

- Garrett Markenson [Salon Owner & Product Developer, Coiffure & Reverie]

“In only two months of working with Destroy the Hairdresser, I went from working part time to full time behind the chair. Caeleb taught me how to organize and utilize the people around me, which in turn helped me see the momentum I was building client-wise. Caeleb is smart, compassionate, understanding, all you’d expect in a mentor. I know with the tools I’ve been given I can become a successful hair stylist.”

- Evan Stowers [Freelance Hairdresser]

“Caeleb is simultaneously the one person I would want on my team and the person whose team I would want to be on. He will make your cause his cause, your mission his mission. Capable of a storm of ideas and focused action and implementation, Caeleb will help you get it done and in a more wonderful way than you ever imagined. Intelligence, talent, drive, heart and wit make Caeleb the rarest and most precious of people as well as a fantastic mentor & friend.”

- Corinne Kleinberger [Salon Owner, As You Like It Aveda]

"I love that Destroy The Hairdresser has created a culture so relatable & unique. Cyd has shifted my train of thought in every aspect of my life & has made me a better professional."

- Justin Hopkins [Hairdresser, Hair & Co. Brooklyn]

“Destroy The Hairdresser has helped me not only make more money in less than a month, but now I am more organized as a professional. My coach has helped me face my fears and now I am growing and finding myself again.”

- Edith Mesa [Freelance Hairdresser]

Destroy the Hairdresser coaching is a no bullshit approach. It only works if you want it, and if you are ready to do the work."

- Nathalie Kalae [Hairdresser, HeadChop]

“Cyd was one of the first mentors I had early on in my career. She is a ball of energy and always excited for life, which is infectious! Her straight-forward and direct approach get things done. Her charm and drive will keep you inspired with new ideas and the ability to accomplish them."

- Julian Orlando [Hairdresser, Master Studio Aveda]

"I don't need someone telling me which benchmarks I should hit. I know the benchmarks. I want unique, individual, and creative approaches to my business. With Cyd and DTH Coaching, that's what I get!"

- Robin Yannick [Hairdresser, BossArts]