Kyle Huntsberry

Coach / Salon Owner

With 20 years of industry experience, Kyle ( has crafted a thriving career centered around her passion for curls, color, and people. Starting as a commission stylist, she honed her expertise in hairstyling, sensing untapped potential beyond traditional roles. Empowered by her transformative journey with DTH, she broke free from self-imposed limitations, establishing a successful commission salon with a deliberate focus on inclusivity.

Her salon, Milk Honey Soul embraces all hair textures, fostering individuality for both clients and stylists. Kyle believes every hairstylist possesses a unique brand and message, aiming to bring forth their inner voice through a shift in mindset and a supportive workspace. As a trailblazer in curls and color, she reshapes industry standards.

Through DTH, Kyle gained confidence to embrace challenges and unlock creative potential. For her, hairstyling is more than a profession; it's a means of empowerment and self-expression. Kyle's commitment to diversity and passion sets a precedent for success in the dynamic hairstyling realm.
Join Kyle on a journey of confidence, pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and inspiring others in the ever-evolving salon industry.

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