coaching for commission salon owners, rental salon owners, managers, rental stylists, commission stylists, and everything in between!

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work with your very own coach

Get matched with a coach or choose your own! We have found that private one-on-one coaching, through our 9 month program promotes the greatest success in business and financial growth. Check out our testimonials to hear our students experiences with coaching.

2 monthly phone sessions

We have set up our phone sessions to best benefit your growth and the proper digestion of our curriculum. 30 minute phone sessions twice a month has proven to be the perfect amount of time! Within your 30 minute sessions you will be able to gain advice on current business breakdowns and you will be learning new tools and concepts that you may not learn anywhere else.

unlimited text & email communication

We live in the millennial world and we respect that. Unlimited texting and emailing gives you instant and constant contact with your coach. We understand that business can be overwhelming, frustrating, and down right scary. Unlimited texting and email has helped many of our students feel supported in the times they have needed it.

9 month curriculum

Throughout your nine month coaching program you will gain access to over 20+ tools and concepts that will change your business forever!
Here is an idea of what you will be learning:

- Discover your reactive system as a business owner
- Learn tools on becoming a more proactive leader
- Build a healthier relationship with money and wealth
- Gain knowledge that will enhance your leadership style
- Learn to proactivity confront staff
- Solve problems at the seed level
- Introduction to social media
- Enhance your one-on-ones with emotional intelligence
- Discover what it means to take control of your career
- Create a cohesive brand
- Learn modern marketing tools
- Gain control over your Instagram
- Raise your prices without losing money
- Begin to understand and use IGTV
- Stay ahead of social media changes and trends
- Streamline your pricing
… and so much more!

Certificate of completion

After completing 9 months of coaching you will be be given a certificate of completion. Add this to your resume, website, social media, or just use it as bragging rights!


Once you have completed your 9 month coaching program you will have the opportunity to add another 9 months to your coaching program or enter our Alumni program! You can learn more about Alumni benefits by clicking here.

getting started

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