Getting the Most Out of Your Community Membership

Jul 18, 2022

Whether you have joined our subscription coaching program or are a Community Member, you can access the Community dashboard and the Community Facebook group. 

We wanted to ensure that no matter what program you are a part of, you get the most out of your Destroy the Hairdresser experience!

Number One!

Make sure you are using the Facebook community to your advantage. WE KNOW FACEBOOK IS NO LONGER COOL... and we are working on a top-secret project that will change all that, but for now, use it to its fullest advantage. Here are some ways you can get the most from the Facebook portion of the Community.



  1. Tune in every Monday at 11 am EST to connect with one of our coaches who will teach a live webinar just for the Community! Can't make it? No worries, each webinar is recorded and later added to the Community dashboard.

  2. Network with the students. Whether you are sharing clients, hiring, looking for education, or need to meet like-minded people, the Community is full of all of those wonderful things. Start by introducing yourself in a post. When you sign up for any Community, it is essential to know why you did it and to set and share your intention with others. After all, isn't Community about coming together and supporting each other?

  3. Ask question! At Destroy the Hairdresser, we believe there are no wrong answers, but the best way to find what answers work best for you is by gathering other people's opinions and experiences. Use the Facebook feed of the Community as a place to gather information to help you make better business decisions. You will often find our coaches in the Community giving feedback as well.

  4. Login and Start exploring the Community Dashboard. This is the most underutilized part of the Community! The Community dashboard has over 100+ hours of education on-demand. All of our courses are categorized by topic, title, and coach. Don't know where to start, Start from the top of the list and work your way down.

  5. Set goals for yourself. Maybe you want to take one course a week to get started. Set a weekly plan to get through one course and allow yourself to digest the information.

  6. Pace yourself; there is so much education on our dashboard that it is easy to overdo it. Don't burn yourself; take your time to go through the courses.

  7. Leave comments or questions on the class dashboard. When you leave a comment or a question in the class dashboard, coaches can better zero in on the information presented and answer you as soon as possible.

For those of you who have not yet joined the Community...

We wanted to give you a code to try it for one week! You can share this code with as many friends and colleagues as you like 🙃

At checkout, use code: 1WEEK