17 Signs of an Overworked Hairdresser

Mar 18, 2022

An overworked hairdresser is not hard to come by. Here at Destroy The Hairdresser we have compiled the top 17 signs of an overworked hairdresser so you can spend the next 4 minutes self-diagnosing.

1. Pre-booking all of your clients for the next 6 months but forgetting to give yourself time off.

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2. Double and triple booking yourself in order to make more money but really you just have an addiction to working.

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3. Micromanaging the front desk after each client is cashed out because you know they undercharged them.

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4. Telling your clients not to cut their own hair while you give yourself a trim on your break in the bathroom.

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5. Telling your clients not to color their own hair while you try to touch up your roots before leaving the salon, letting it process while in the car because you have a 30-minute ride home.

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6. Losing sleep over the color correction on your books for the following day, praying that they cancel or no-show, but then stressing about how much money you'll miss out on.

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7. Drinking so much coffee and mistaking it for anxiety.

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8. Canceling family plans because clients are your family now.

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9. Drinking just a little too much wine at the end of the day.

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10. Telling people you love what you do but googling "office jobs" in your car before starting your day.

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11. Talking about carpal tunnel so much that you accidentally manifest it.

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12. Scrolling on Instagram for 'inspiration' but ending up questioning your life choices.

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13. Discounting clients because you need your daily fix of validation and approval. 

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14. Saying "yes, no problem" when you meant "no, not my problem."

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15. Choosing to pee or eat - because both is asking for too much.

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16. Bleach-stained clothing is your new lewk #ootd.

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17. Your cute nail color is just hair color that won't come off your hands.

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