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New Year, Same You

Jan 20, 2022

We are a month into the New Year, and many of us are still dealing with the hangover of 2020.

Two years later and the pandemic still lingers. A cloud of stress stretching across the globe, treating each person to their own hellish experience. Even those who thrived through the tough times still experienced a new world with new rules.

Many of us obsess over change during this time. We find excitement in the promise of a new year. However, this year carries with it an exhaustion that says, "slow down, rest."

A new year is simply the calendar turning its continual pages. We can get up and change any day of the year that we choose. We can run headfirst into a new year carving out our unique selves harnessing the excitement of adventure and opportunity. Or we can pause, slow down, and rest. Any time is a good time for a change, even if that isn't in January.

Most important is being present and choosing the right time for your personal growth and change.


Take your time.


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