If it's mean to make profit, then it’s time to be mean Canada

Jan 17, 2024

Cut the Emotional Discounting, Not Just Hair

Alright, Canadian hairdressers hold onto your toques, let's get real and a little bit cheeky. We know we're the nicest folks on the block—so nice that you're practically giving away haircuts and apologizing! But let's face it, "Sorry, here's a discount" might as well be our national hairdressing catchphrase. It's time to stop the emotional garage sale and start pricing like the business owners you are!

Profit-First: Because Your Business Isn't a Charity

Here’s a revolutionary idea: make money! The profit-first approach is like putting on your oxygen mask first; it's not selfish, it's just plain smart. Every decision should make your bank account jump for joy and turn you into a keener for dollars. Cover your costs, stash some cash, and maybe, just maybe, go all out and do something crazy, like retire one day. 

Emotional Intelligence: More Than Just Feeling Fuzzy

Being in touch with your feelings is great and all, but your business isn't a daytime soap opera. Use that emotional intelligence to recognize when you're being a pushover. Clients walking all over you? That's a big no. You don’t have to be mean to stand firm, price what you need and want to live, and watch as the right clients flock to you!

Setting Boundaries: Not Mean, Just Clear

Time to set some salon ground rules, and no, you don't have to be the villain in this story, we won’t be causing a kerfuffle. You are just telling people how to do business with you, i’ts that simple. No one flinches when your double double goes up to a twoonie, we just know that is how it’s done.  It's not about scaring clients; it's about educating them on how you do things. Communicate like you're giving directions: clear, direct, and with fewer hand gestures. You'll be surprised how many people respect a well-placed "No, thank you."

Conclusion: Laughing All the Way to the Ban

It's time to turn those giggles into gold! Adopting a profit-first mentality and flexing your emotional muscles can be a fun ride, not a guilt trip. So, wave goodbye to unnecessary discounts, embrace your worth, and let's make your salon the thriving, laughter-filled, cash-positive wonderland it's meant to be. Go on, Canucks, make 'em smile and make that money! There’s no more room for “sorry”.

-Jennessa Couture

Jennessa Couture is a DTH coach and salon owner. Transform your business with Jennessa as your coach by scheduling a discovery call, here