21 Hashtags for 2021!

Jan 17, 2021

So there I was...a Gen X'er on the hunt for the next breakout hashtags for 2021.  It was a scavenger hunt of sorts, and I began where any #normal person would start a scavenger hunt: Instagram.

I searched high and low. I searched popular industry platforms' pages and insta-famous stylists to see what their trending hashtags were.  I took screenshots, and DM'd fellow stylists and salon owners.  You might be quite surprised to learn that even in our industry...an industry that thrives on the far-reaching marketing capabilities of Instagram...hashtags are not something we understand enough.

The scavenger hunt continued to the next logical place one would search for answers: Google

I googled "popular hashtags for 2020" and also "trending hashtags for 2021."  I googled, "what do hashtags do?" I read an article all about where hashtags began and how their use has evolved.  I found a list of the 40 most popular hashtags all around.  I learned that the most popular hashtags are the simplest....like #love and #fashion and #picoftheday; your content gets added into the pool of millions of posts using the same tags. #smallfishbigpond sort of vibes. 

This all makes sense, right?  The more specific the hashtag, the better. And less is more.  We've gone from encouraging people to post 30 to now focusing on 3-5 specific and targeted tags. We want to stand out! 

But what could be trending for 2021?  2020 threw us plenty of #drama, #downtime, #socialdistancing and #bananabread.....

 What you've all been waiting for...the comprehensive list of 21 trending hashtags for 2021 (as collected by this gen X'er on a mission to embrace the hashtags and create the trends, not just follow them)





#shag (variation..... #shagsshagsshags #shagadelic #shagalicious #shagarama)


#middlepart   (yes, my friends)






#embracethegray  (I'm all about this one *wink*)





#savingsisthenewstimulus  (I made this up and am hoping it takes off! Save your money!!)




#destroythehairdresser (shameless plug!)

This hashtag scavenger hunt began with a sigh of frustration but has ended with a genuine excitement for what we'll be seeing, creating, and participating in for 2021. Enjoy the process, learn everything you can before giving up, and embrace your network of people. 

If you need to destroy some business practices that aren't serving you anymore, get in touch! We have a whole team of coaches with amazing specialties here to help. 

Here to help!

Coach Kate