Business Therapy

Jan 06, 2022

It's 2022, and self-care is no longer a trend but a necessity.

When Cyd Charisse and David Bosscher decided to create Destroy The Hairdresser, they had to determine whether they would call themselves coaches or consultants.

Both founders decided to use the word coaching over consulting because the foundation of their methods was based on emotional intelligence and critical thinking.

Helping individuals change the way they think was the best way to help the industry change as a whole. Today the company is home to 11 coaches from all over the United States. They are helping thousands of hairdressers and salon owners worldwide from Reykjavik to Los Angelos, Ireland, to North Dakota.

"Coaching was never meant to be about getting people to do things our way, but it was about getting them to think differently." - Cyd Charisse

Most of us have found solutions to soothing our nerves in our personal lives. Destroy The Hairdresser is the practice of soothing the nerves of the salon industry. 

Are you interested in some business therapy? Please take a listen to our podcast episode on this topic or check out our clubhouse talk. 

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