5 Reasons to Open a Salon This Year

Jun 06, 2022

We know that owning and operating a salon sounds like a giant pain in the ass, but the rewards can and should outweigh the challenges when done correctly.

The salon industry has been in a cycle of abuse for decades.

A talented hairdresser becomes a salon owner. Struggles to manage, lead, and perform services start creeping into the salon. Then the salon owner begins to hire reactively, which causes more breakdowns in their business. Blame starts to ensue; new reactive business methods are implemented, like bandaids where there should be a tourniquet. 

The issue is not that the hairdresser should avoid ownership and team management but learn how to run a business proactively instead of reactively. The challenge of attempting to run a proactive business in a reactive world is a worthy and rewarding one.

Here are Destroy the Hairdresser's Top 5 Reasons to Open a Salon:

  1. The industry needs ambitious and proactive leaders. Changing the industry is not going to happen through dividing ourselves up into seclusion; it happens through working together to change systems and structures that haven't been benefiting the hairdresser. The salon industry needs innovative and disruptive thought leaders to make these changes. Be part of that movement by getting a coach.
  2. It's a productive way to scale your business. There are only a few ways to make more money in the salon industry. Increase your prices, increase your clientele, reduce overhead, or scale. Opening a commission salon (with DTH methods) is a great way to scale your business. It's not a secret that we live in a capitalistic society; we make more money when people work for us. There is nothing wrong with this process until it is exploitive and creates a vicious cycle. Scale your business while maintaining your humanity - it's possible; we help salon owners do it every day.
  3. It creates a space for proper education through experience. Educating your staff is no longer an option. However, paying for their education is. Create a space where learning is taking place at all times, and education can become a shared experience amongst clients and staff. We learn through watching and listening. Be the boss that provides the suitable space for natural learning.
  4. Because you know you can do it. We don't need to tell you that you are ready; you know you're ready. You may not know how to do your books or how much color to order, but you can figure that out along the way. Not to mention the internet is full of education. Do not let your fear of not knowing "everything" stop you from starting.
  5. There is more support than ever. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and the list goes on. You can learn how to do anything, any time, anywhere. Take advantage of today's technology. Hire a coach, take a course, find a support group, and watch videos; your options are endless.

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