Our League of Extraordinary Coaches


Cyd Charisse & David Bosscher


These two powerhouse coaches have worked together, handpicking some of the best coaches from around the country.

"Each coach has been a student for more than a year and has successfully implemented all of the DTH methods." - David Bosscher

"We hire coaches who not only understand what we teach but have had career-changing experiences themselves. Without that experience, they would simply be facilitators." - Cyd Charisse

Learn more about our league of extraordinary coaches below.

Coach Andrea


Salon owner that opened her business with all the DTH methods, coach Andrea can transform your business quickly and efficiently.

Meet Coach Andrea

Coach Christen


An extension specialist disrupting the industry, coach Christen can help you increase revenue through DTH methods and consciousness.

Meet Coach Christen

Coach Christy


This multi-business owner has experienced many facets of the Industry, coach Christy can help you find your calling beyond behind the chair. 

Meet Coach Christy

Coach Ethan


Multi-passionate business owner and low-tox advocate, coach Ethan can help you redefine your salon culture and business. 

Meet Coach Ethan

Coach Franky


From independent hairdresser to thriving salon owner, coach Franky can help scale your salon business. 

Meet Coach Franky

Coach Jaime


Micro-salon owner changing the game in a small town, coach Jaime is proof that financial success has no zip code.

Meet Coach Jaime

Coach Kate


This salon owner is one of the original coaches here at DTH, coach Kate is dynamic and focuses on increasing salon EQ. 

Meet Coach Kate

Coach Joy


This salon owner built her career as a renter and decided to scale, coach Joy can help you do the same with her unique approach to coaching.

Meet Coach Joy

Coach Lo


Famous for her education, this multi-salon owner coaches with ambition and drive; coach Lo can help you achieve your financial fulfillment.

Meet Coach Lo

Coach MJ


With a strong corporate salon background and opening his first salon with DTH methods, coach MJ can help you salon differently.

Meet Coach MJ

Coach Patricia


This dynamic coach does it all, salon owner, rental suites owner, educator, and coach. Coach Patricia brings her experience to the forefront.

Meet Coach Patricia

Coach Rachel


Streamlining expert and salon owner, coach Rachel can help you increase revenue by removing overhead and more!

Meet Coach Rachel

Coach Sheli


This clean beauty expert opened her salon as a DTH student, coach Sheli can help you detoxify your salon in every way.

Meet Coach Sheli









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"I now have the confidence to do all the things that I never really thought I could do!"

- Misty Jane

"Destroy the Hairdresser has become such an important part of my life."

- Kaylan Murphy

"Destroy the Hairdresser has majorly helped me level up in every aspect of my career."

- Candice Cooper

Interested in becoming a Destroy the Hairdresser coach?


The first step to becoming a coach for Destroy the Hairdresser is by having your own student experience. Working with a coach for a minimum of one year is required before becoming a coach.

There is no better education than personal experience. By working with a DTH coach and implementing the DTH methods, you will achieve your own personal and financial goals. These are requirements for any coach we add to our team.

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