Social Media & Marketing Department

There are consumers, and there are creators, here you are a creator.

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Cyd Charisse, Director of Social Media & Marketing Department


Coach / Co-Founder of Destroy the Hairdresser

Coach Cyd Charisse has been coaching industry leaders for the past 13+ years. She is the co-creator of Destroy The Hairdresser and focuses on empowering salon owners to build stability, structure & strategy. She focuses on building strong brands, empathetic leadership skills, and transforms the financial futures of the salons she coaches. As a life and career coach, Cyd has enhanced the personal lives and paychecks of those she has worked with through one on one education. Cyd is also a blonding Specialist in New York City and has completely built her business through social media marketing.

Overcome social media mediocrity

Social media is about standing out, learn to be seen.

Create an authentic brand through marketing

Taking big risks in marketing isn't just about money, its about message.

Attract clients & stylists to your business

By using these tools, you'll never have an empty chair again.

What you'll be learning in 2023

  • Destroy the algorithm
  • How to repurpose your content strategically
  • Explode your business with Tik Tok
  • How to maximize & organize your content
  • How to clarify and validate your offer
  • Attracting your perfect client
  • Build your content strategy
  • How to convert clients & staff through social media
  • Marketing for the hairdresser

... and so much more!

Class schedule

Live sessions: The second Wednesday of each month at 5 pm EST 

Replays: all live sessions will be recorded and posted for replay within 24 hours


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