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A class for those looking to rebuild their clientele, finances, teams, and policies. This is a class for anyone looking to get to their next level!

JUNE 27 2020

Co-founder, and coach, Cyd Charisse, will be helping us rebuild our salon businesses in her new 2 hour class! Monday June 27th at 1pm eastern!


What are salon symptoms?

Have you ever felt tired, overwhelmed, anxious, or defeated? Perhaps you have experienced the dreaded "burnout" from overworking? These are just some of the salon symptoms that threaten us on a daily basis.

Are you a hairdresser who struggles with growing your business behind the chair? Or a salon owner who feels they are lacking the leadership skills necessary to grow their business and their team? These are just some more of the salon symptoms we will be overcoming in this course.

For every salon symptom there is a salon solution.


The first two hours of Salon Symptoms is dedicated to all salon professionals. Renters, commission stylists, salon owners, managers, and more!


The second half of Salon Symptoms  is dedicated to leadership! This part of the course is designed for salon owners, managers, and those who lead teams.


1pm eastern - 3pm eastern
2 hour course w/ Q & A




All Salon Professionals

  • Overcome burnout
  • Learn to charge in a way that works for you
  • Gain tools for increasing confidence with clients and colleagues
  • Discover your proactive system and its secret powers!



Salon Leadership

  • Part one
  • Learn modern leadership skills
  • Learn techniques to enhance communication skills
  • Learn to take control of your business and your team in a the most impactful ways

Can't make the class?

We have more Salon Symptoms classes coming up! Give us your name and email and we will let you know when tickets are available!