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The Ingredients

Transparency has always been at the core of REVERIE.  We chose to partner with family run farms around the world that produce organic, Fair Trade and EcoCert ingredients of the highest quality available.  All ingredients are grown and harvested ethically to ensure the welfare of the workers. Due to the organic nature of our products, we recommend using them up within a year after opening. Look for an expiration date on your bottle. 

REVERIE is proud to be Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free.  Zero harsh chemicals, dyes or perfumes. Tested on people, never on animals.


REVERIE thinks of the planet and customer first from product concept to in-house protocol. We sought out to do better across the board; without compromising quality by using 100% recyclable bottles printed with ink instead of labels.  Utilizing post-consumer recycled, biodegradable shipping materials. Building relationships with like-minded, eco-driven suppliers and housing products in our zero-waste warehouse. REVERIE has challenged the science and the market to strive for better business practices in the haircare industry so that our customers and partners feel confident inside and out.

The Brand

REVERIE is a beautiful daydream - multi-functional, mindfully created, botanical haircare handcrafted in California.  Our clean, innovative formulas combine skincare methodology with haircare to achieve incredible results. We believe less is more and that haircare should repair problems, not mask them.  Made for all humans, with all hair types.

The Founder

Hairstylist Garrett Markenson had a vision 10 years ago to transform the haircare industry and the way we treated hair.  After years of actively listening to what his clients desired, REVERIE was born. With a career spanning nearly 2 decades, Garrett is an industry leader who is fortunate enough to still work behind the chair in his Los Angeles salon.

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