$2,500.00 USD

3-Week Business Building Intensive for Commission Salon Owners (May 10th 2023)

3 weeks of career-altering education

What you'll get:

  • There are 2 intensive dates to choose from May 10th & October 11th, 2023
  • Each intensive is made up of 6 virtual coaching sessions with Cyd & David
    • Session 1: Commission salons: What not to do
    • Session 2: Preparing your team for change
    • Session 3: Introduction to Destroy the Hairdresser methods, philosophies, & practices
    • Session 4:Deep dive into reactive and proactive business practices
    • Session 5: Implementing Destroy the Hairdresser methods
    • Session 6: Preparing for in-person Total Salon Audit
  • Each session is 60 minutes, with the last 15 minutes reserved for questions
  • After the final session, you will have the opportunity to pursue a Total Salon Audit