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Many salon owners feel they have a hard time with leadership, but we have found this isn’t true. The fact is, most leaders struggle with “ownership”. Time and time again, we hear salon owners say things like:

“I don’t like saying I’m the boss,” 
“I don’t want to be the bad guy.”

But, the reality is you do own the salon! We get it, ownership is scary and we are here to help! The first part,  of our three part leadership course, is all about stepping into your role as a business owner, leader, manager, and/or entrepreneur. Until we are comfortable in this space we will continue to struggle leading our team, and our business, into success. Discover ownership in a new way; a redefined way.


Leadership is a skill that is learned through two things:

  1.   Discovering your reactive system
  2.   Fighting that system every day

Many of us believe that leadership means giving everything to our staff and our clients. You may be surprised that it is the complete opposite! Part two, of our leadership crash course, is all about navigation. Many of us didn’t choose to be a leader or are afraid of leading others. Learn tools that you can start using instantly to improve your leadership skills.


As creative people we love networking… with people we feel comfortable networking with. In part three, of this course, we will dive into a concept called “networking at the top”. Learn who it is that will bring our networking to the next level. Gain tools that will help you grow your business for you and your team! 


At Destroy The Hairdresser we can promise you a few things when taking our classes:



Feel elevated after each lesson

Gain practical tools you can use instantly

Be pushed outside of your comfort zone

Be back for more!


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