Jaime Pappenfuss


Coach / Salon Owner 

In 2019 Jaime (@jaime_popp) became a student of Destroy the Hairdresser after listening to the podcast. She found herself changing her entire career path to focus on her growing business. Her approach to coaching comes from a place of empathy, knowing how scary it can be to take a leap of faith.

Jaime resides in Wisconsin with her husband, son, and 5 pets. She has a passion for plants, animals and is an advocate for mental illness awareness. You can find her in her garden or watching anything Drag or True Crime-related.


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What students are saying:

I have never felt more empowered as a stylist behind the chair, nor have I ever been happier. My work is simplified and I have better relationships with my guests. The quality of my work has improved because I have been able to implement systems that allow me to work more efficiently and focus better on the task at hand. I think that all of this is possible because working with my coach, Jaime, has allowed me to be able to confidently declare what my needs are, which enables me to meet them, or create ways to meet them and be supported at the same time.


Mikala Vandenbroucke

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