Foundations & Methods Department

Learn modern business methods to help you salon differently.

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David Bosscher, Director of Foundations & Methods Department


Coach / Co-Founder of Destroy the Hairdresser

David Bosscher is a certified life coach who specializes in executive leadership, emotional intelligence, and proactive leadership training. He approaches leadership coaching in a holistic way. Focusing on enhancing the individual's strengths while proactively shifting their weaknesses. David believes that desire is the key to change, and change is the key to success.

Learn to salon differently

Discover new and modern ways to run your salon business.

Find more freedom

Discover how our methods can grant you and your team more freedom.

Future-proof your business

Stay up-to-date on the generational changes of business.

What you'll be learning in 2023

  • Going gratuity free
  • Uncovering your leadership style
  • How to offer unlimited time off
  • Gender-free pricing
  • Open-door policy
  • Rental freedoms with commissions structures
  • Limitless pricing
  • Creating more avenues of revenue
  • Building a charity-focused salon
  • Cycles of a hairdresser: the way it should be
  • Growing a team
  • Building EQ
  • How to hire a hairdresser
  • Salon meetings that aren't a waste of time
  • You & Me: the new one-on-one

... and so much more!

Class schedule

Live sessions: Every other Tuesday at 5pm EST

Replays: all live sessions will be recorded and posted for replay within 24 hours


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