Andrea Hansen


Coach / Salon Owner 

Andrea Hansen (@crafthairbyandrea) has been in the industry 14+ years and owns an eco-conscious commission salon in Reno, NV.

Andrea transformed her business to focus on her ideal clientele - transformative razor haircuts - and later, opened her new commission salon, Kindred Hair Space, in three months by using the tools she learned as a student with Destroy the Hairdresser.

Her passion is to help you fulfill your true potential, find your joy in the industry, get out of debt, and create a lucrative career on your terms.

Utilizing the resources she learned as an artist, educator, and certified career coach, Andrea Hansen will help you manifest your dream career by blending your spiritual nature with mindfulness and critical thinking skills.


Certified Career Management Coach

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“Andrea is a natural coach. She guides with tenderness and understanding, but with that perfect balance of a firm push that makes you want to get out there and make her proud.
I love that she draws from her own real life experience, and the deep work that you can tell she’s done in her life, and still does.  She feels relatable, and super inspiring.
I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Andrea and DTH - I’m not sure where I would still be without them. I truly love what I do again, and I feel like I’m doing more of what feeds me, and I’m being respected and fairly compensated for it.  The growth personally, emotionally, and professionally feels incredible. 
I have recommended Andrea and DTH to my colleagues, the investment in myself has paid back tenfold.”


Julie Baribeau

Reverie the Studio

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