Jennessa Couture


Coach / Salon Owner

Jennessa (@ness.couture) owns a flourishing salon staffed by over 20 accomplished stylists, Jennessa is wholeheartedly committed to nurturing empowering and productive team environments. Her vision is clear: to disassemble detrimental industry norms, to safeguard stylists and salon owners from exploitative practices, and to help others achieve genuine professional freedom. With an enthusiastic approach to redefining antiquated perspectives, Jennessa embodies a leadership that is transparent, receptive, and community-centric. She fervently upholds the belief that hairdressers should experience the freedom to explore the industry, finding the niche that aligns perfectly with their unique strengths and aspirations.
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Tierrah Scott
"Do you recognize that feeling when you're at a drive-thru and the cashier says someone in front of you already paid for your coffee/ or meal? Or when you're feeling disheveled in the morning to only be complimented by a stranger later on, to regain your confidence and have a brighter day? This feeling is Jennessa. Coaching under Jennessa for the past 7 years has not only been a privilege and honour, but life changing. This woman will bring an empowering provision, a safe space, an alternate perspective and authentic nature toward your business or day to day life in general. She's not only my mentor and coach, but my friend. If anything, Jennessa is passionate about everyone's own success story (whatever that may look like for you) and she'll be your #1 fan! I started believing in myself and what I'm worth because of help from Jennessa; that goes towards my health, my business, and my life. Thank you, to not only a great coach and mentor, but a great friend. And as a friend of hers, I'm so proud of her and everyone this gracious soul is willing to help!"

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